Michael Gomes is the director of Shambhala Center Rotterdam and founder of the Rotterdam-based, independent hip-hop label HardHeaderz. Michael combines his first passion, music, with his practice of Buddhism. Inspired by the likes of Alan Watts and Chögyam Trungpa, he finds his hail in meditation and investigating the mind. As a musician and a writer, Michael is always interested in incorporating Buddhist philosophy and psychology into his work. His mantra: You are therefore I am. 

Michael is a Leo-born, with four planet placements in Leo and an Aries MC (both fire signs), giving him a very energetic, independent, strong-willed, and temperamental nature. The manifestation of this energy can be intensely creative and artistic. His Neptune aspecting his MC, will make him want to offer himself into service to others and those in need, devoting his life to a spiritual cause, which is supported by his empathic Cancer rising that tends to place the needs of others before his own.


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