Summer Solstice 2019

Acceleration, Agency, Attention, Collective Mind, Compassion, Connection, Decentralisation, Duality, Empowerment, Expansion, Identity, Infinity, Intelligence, Intuition, Non-duality, Oneness, Reality, Superhuman, Transcendence, Transformation, Transparency, Unity. 

These mazes must be explored together.


Starting at 5.54 PM on June 21st, coinciding with Summer Solstice, this evening will include an immersive art program as well as a cross-disciplinary dialogue between scholars from different scientific fields, artists, (digital) designers, technologists and healers. 

The dialogue will serve to map the territory between different disciplines, covering terminology that is used, but interpreted differently, in the fields of technological world-building and ancient self-mastery.

Using the format of a sharing circle, we will systematically explore the mazes these terms present us with. The conversation, with individual interpretations of these terms, will be recorded and transcribed to create an open-source glossary (to be further developed after Summer Solstice).

The artist program will include video screenings and ritual artist performances, with which we aim to advocate for a radical resensitization within our technology enabled nature.

The night will see hybrid DJ sets and mind-enhancing potions.

21 June 2019,
Evening Program

5.54 PM    
🌗 Start ~ Summer Solstice 2019 🌓

Video Screenings & Performances

(featuring work by Simone C. Niquille, Agnes Momirski, Emilia Tapprest, Mel Chan, Anastasia Loginova, Irma van Doornmalen)

(healing potions, cacao treats by Chocoláctica)

Opening Ceremony
(live soundscapes)

Sharing Circle 
(discussion with invited speakers, moderated by Georgia Kareola and Agnes Momirski, live-streamed by RAAR)

Inès Leverrier Péborde
(Radical Self-Care)
Jasper Griepink
(Social Permaculture)
Matthijs Diederiks
Shashini Munshi
Ruchama Noorda
(Life Reform)
Henriette Bier
Danielle Roberts
(Awareness Tools)
Michael Gomes
Gijsbert Wouter Wahl
(Metaphysics & Language)
Francesca Gobeille 
(Embodied Spirituality)

Short  Break
(tibetan sound bowls by Mel Chan)

Sharing Circle

Closing Performance

(video work by Peter Horneland, drinks, healing potions, mind-enhancing pill cocktails, magnesium water, tarot readings by Jill Phillips and Joana Cavaco)

11PM  –
🎆 Club Communion 🎆

yEs!yEs! (hybrid live set)
Remote Control (rave set)

Inès Leverrier Péborde is a French-Haïtian designer based in Rotterdam whose work focuses on embodied experiences and radical self-care practices. She investigates what it means to ‘take care of the Self’ and imagines various artefacts, spaces and rituals for curing, reshaping, transcending the physical and emotional bodies. Using performative objects and spatial interventions, she challenges the societal values, myths and techno-scientific paradigms underlying our common understanding of health, beauty, hygiene and well-being.

Ines is born in the Chinese year of the Horse (in Western astrology it’s equivalent to the sign of Gemini). Her Gemini mind swiftly directs the more empathic concerns of her Jupiter and Chiron conjunct in Cancer (at 12 and 14 degrees). This close interplanetary aspect focuses her energy towards Cancerian domains of protecting, healing, nurturing and caring for those less fortunate, which she expresses through her writing, thinking (Gemini) and practical (Capricorn) faculties.


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Since 2016 Griepink has been rooting their ephemeral and shamanic performance-based practice back into the earth by involving (social) permaculture and community practices into their work. Resulting in durational land-art pieces, such as Grove 2.0 – Chapel of Wild Wisdom; a futuristic druidic greenhouse in a public woodland area. Upon ending various pilgrimages in the tropics Griepink returned to European soils seeking to reanimate and explore local ‘indigenous’ knowledge for the sake of getting at the roots of colonialism and global capitalism. With their recent anti-capitalist and pro-pagan spoken-word piece, Ultra Ecosexual Polyamory. Permaculture ASAP, Griepink looks to revive the oral tradition of the Druidic Bards (or Greek Rhapsodes) in a contemporary way, forwarding eco-sexuality as nature’s unorthodox spirituality. Embedded in this ‘Renaissance of Matriarchy’ is social justice, ending racial and gender bias, empowering creative expression, embodying ecstasy and restoring the ecological homeostasis on the planet we cohabitate.

** Jasper Griepink obtained an MFA from the Piet Zwart Institute (2013), is a certified Permaculture Designer (2016) and furthermore holds certificates in Reiki, Community Design and other Holistic Therapies.

Jasper is Taurus-born on a life path number 1. With their Mars closely conjuncting Aquarius MC (at 22 and 25 degrees), their work is that of an independent writer (Gemini rising) and artist / healer (North node in Pisces at 21 degrees). These formats of expression allow them to channel the earthy energy of his Sun, Moon and Jupiter conjunct at 24 and 15 degrees Taurus - the sign which is the archetype of deep attunement with nature, enlivening and nourishing humanity.


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Matthijs is a filmmaker based in Amsterdam. Mid 2016 he accidentally stepped into the world of biohacking. He shot a documentary about living on complete food for an entire year, to see how it would affect his life. After a successful crowdfunding campaign at the end of 2018, he is currently completing the final stages of post-production. ‘12 Liquid Months’ will premiere this summer.

As a Capricorn-born, Matthijs has an earthy and practical mentality, with which he stirs his Sagittarian interests (rising sign & 4 planets). Sagittarius is an archetype of an energetic traveler. Inspiring infinite curiosities, which lead Mathijs on endless voyages in the pursuit of curious experimentation and humanitarian causes. These experiments take place in the domain of his vastly populated Sagittarius ruled first house of the natal chart - the house of Self. 


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As a quest on how to improve the world, Shashini started studying neuroscience. If we understand the brain, we understand behavior, if we understand behavior, we understand why people make the choices they make. Although she felt that as a neuroscientist she was doing valuable work, she wanted to have a bigger impact. These days, Shashini works as a policy officer at NWO (Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek) where she contributes to science by safeguarding the quality of research, facilitating innovation and increasing science's impact on society.

During her studies, Shashini actively performed the Indian classical dance Bharata Natyam. These days she is more interested in theatre, singing and writing.


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Ruchama Noorda is an artist who uses diverse media and materials in performances and installations. In 2002 Noorda graduated at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague and she completed her MFA at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam in 2004. She received a PhD degree from University of Leiden where she researched the early 20th century Lebensreform (Life Reform) movement. In her practice Noorda recycles elements of Reform pedagogy, arts, crafts, dance, diet and ritual practices in performance and installation works that both engage and challenge contemporary communitarian and counter-cultural aspirations, practices and beliefs.

By highlighting the mystical and magical elements within the Reform tradition along with other undigested and ‘irrational’ material, her works perform a séance-function,  excavating the repressed and buried histories within the Modern in ways that set out to complicate hard and fast distinctions between progressive and conservative social and artistic movements.

Solo shows and performances have been hosted by Mediamatic (2019),Paradiso (2018), De Appel (2016), De Oude Kerk, Amsterdam (2015), Galerie van Gelder, Amsterdam (2015), High Desert Test Sites, Wonder Valley (2014), Marres, Maastricht (2013), Stadhausgalerie/Kunsthalle Münster (2013), Kunstvereniging Diepenheim (2012) Stedelijk Museum de Lakenhal, Leiden (2007) en Museum Het Domein, Sittard (2003).

The work and life of Ruchama are under considerate Neptunian influence, as indicated both astrologically and numerologically. With natal Sun and Mars in Pisces (at 11 and 23 degrees), and Neptune in the 1st house of Self (at 20 degrees Sagittarius), this amount of Neptune energy gives her a very spiritual and artistic focus due to exceptional and acute perceptions and poetic sensibility. Her life path is number 7 (ruled by Neptune). This is a path of an old soul on a spiritual mission, learning to have faith while infinitely seeking spiritual wisdoms.


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About Specter

Specter investigates digital culture, spiritual practices, scientific theory and design ideas to relish humanness, sentience and sensuality in our human-tech playgrounds.

Specter creates a post-disciplinary community through recurring events, as well as publications, exhibitions and an open-source knowledge base.

Specter was initiated by Agnes Momirski and Georgia Kareola - two Mercurial minds - a Gemini with a Cancer heart, and a Cancer with Gemini mind. They share empathic souls (Pisces moons) and quick minds (Gemini rising at 11 and 5 degrees). Their natal Mercury (at 25 and 23 degrees Gemini) naturally conspires with their future-minded Aquarius MC (at 12 and 1 degree). These two wordsmiths enjoy drinking espresso while exploring altered states of mind, futuristic visions, and personal alchemies.

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The Specter Glossary is an open-source publication built during and after the event on Summer Solstice 2019.

The glossary aims to map the shared terminology between epistemological fields of technological world-building and ancient self-mastery techniques. Terminology like:

Acceleration, Agency, Attention, Collective Mind, Compassion, Connection, Decentralisation, Duality, Empowerment, Expansion, Identity, Infinity, Intelligence, Non-duality / Oneness, Reality, Superhuman, Transcendence, Transformation, Transparency, Unity.

The world of technological innovation often seems to share terminology with ancient spiritual traditions, while referring to phenomena which are unique to our current place in human evolution.

At the same time, new terms are coined which imply cultural and evolutionary directions which carry meaning way beyond the product or service they describe.

How much overlap is there between these inner technologies of self-mastery and outer technologies of human enhancement?

By mapping this territory through its terminology, we aim to gain deeper insight into motivations driving humanity, the underlying reality driving technological innovation, and encourage historic sensibility for these phenomena entering mainstream technological and global discourse.

The glossary of shared terminology will be accompanied by a new visual language.

Each term in the Specter Glossary is assigned a visual sigil; a circular sign which carries a maze. The sigils remind us of the labyrinthian quality of the terms we attempt to unravel. 

We will record the conversation and individual interpretations of these terms, and transcribe and edit this into the open-source glossary, to be further developed after the event.

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Sharing Circle

A Sharing Circle provides a unique group discussion process in which guests share their experiences and insights in response to topics assigned by moderators. A Sharing Circle is loosely structured while assuring cooperation and effective communication. It originated in both traditional aboriginal and native american cultures and is also referred to as a talking or healing circle.

Symbolically speaking, a circle aligns motions and keeps the energy flowing, while representing wholeness, completion, communication and cycles of life. Traditionally, Sharing Circles brought together people who are committed to helping one another with healing. The circle would be initiated by a chief of the tribe with participants responding to his words. Smudging would often be used to begin the ceremony. As a basic rule, speakers are not interrupted while sharing their knowledge and perceptions. Instead, a talking stick is passed around, giving the keeper of the stick  permission to talk uninterruptedly.

Specter chose this unconventional format for her dialogues to provide a dynamic, open and body-friendly experience, while bridging knowledge from different disciplines. The Circle allows us to break away from a strictly intellectual exchange, and to create a positive environment in which people can share their experiences freely. Guest speakers are invited to introduce themselves briefly to the circle, and to add to the conversation with any personal or professional experience.

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