Summer Solstice 2019

Acceleration, Agency, Attention, Collective Mind, Compassion, Connection, Decentralisation, Duality, Empowerment, Expansion, Identity, Infinity, Intelligence, Intuition, Non-duality, Oneness, Reality, Superhuman, Transcendence, Transformation, Transparency, Unity. 

These mazes must be explored together.


Starting at 5.54 PM on June 21st, coinciding with Summer Solstice, this evening will include an immersive art program as well as a cross-disciplinary dialogue between scholars from different scientific fields, artists, (digital) designers, technologists and healers. 

The dialogue will serve to map the territory between different disciplines, covering terminology that is used, but interpreted differently, in the fields of technological world-building and ancient self-mastery.

Using the format of a sharing circle, we will systematically explore the mazes these terms present us with. The conversation, with individual interpretations of these terms, will be recorded and transcribed to create an open-source glossary (to be further developed after Summer Solstice).

The artist program will include video screenings and ritual artist performances, with which we aim to advocate for a radical resensitization within our technology enabled nature.

The night will see hybrid DJ sets and mind-enhancing potions.

21 June 2019,
Evening Program

5.54 PM    
🌗 Start ~ Summer Solstice 2019 🌓

Video Screenings & Performances

(featuring work by Simone C. Niquille, Agnes Momirski, Emilia Tapprest, Mel Chan, Anastasia Loginova, Irma van Doornmalen)

(healing potions, cacao treats by Chocoláctica)

Opening Ceremony
(live soundscapes)

Sharing Circle 
(discussion with invited speakers, moderated by Georgia Kareola and Agnes Momirski, live-streamed by RAAR)

Inès Leverrier Péborde
(Radical Self-Care)
Jasper Griepink
(Social Permaculture)
Matthijs Diederiks
Shashini Munshi
Ruchama Noorda
(Life Reform)
Henriette Bier
Danielle Roberts
(Awareness Tools)
Michael Gomes
Gijsbert Wouter Wahl
(Metaphysics & Language)
Francesca Gobeille 
(Embodied Spirituality)

Short  Break
(tibetan sound bowls by Mel Chan)

Sharing Circle

Closing Performance

(video work by Peter Horneland, drinks, healing potions, mind-enhancing pill cocktails, magnesium water, tarot readings by Jill Phillips and Joana Cavaco)

11PM  –
🎆 Club Communion 🎆

yEs!yEs! (hybrid live set)
Remote Control (rave set)