Mel graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a double major in Philosophy and Comparative Literature. She is currently a participant of the Master Artistic Research at the KABK, The Hague.

Mel’s research explores human existence in post-apocalyptic world. Sounds paradoxical, yet it concerns one of the most traditional philosophical fields of debate — metaphysics. Such ancient debates are still relevant as they manifest in different forms — from new age narratives (from materialist to holistic experiences) to “mind-uploading” technology (a sci-fi take of cartesian spirituality).

Mel’s projects are attempts to visit these accounts and reveal their intertwining, if not paradoxical, nature, in the contemporary context. By using techniques from the well-being industry, such as guided meditation, sound baths and hypnotherapy, Mel’s performances let audiences immerse in an imaginary world where all substances are connected on a micro level — a physical fact (according to the Law of Mass Conservation) yet so abstract, to an extent that it resembles spiritual, holistic spirituality.

Mel Chan is a Gemini-born. Her Mercurial curiosity is directed towards the realms of metaphysics and aesthetics, due to her natal Pluto (ruler of transformations) and Venus (ruler of beauty and art) in strong aspects to her Sun (at 23 degrees Gemini). Her Moon and Mercury (at 7 and 17 degrees Cancer) give her a compassionate and nurturing approach to these subjects, and a natural predisposition to be an empathic listener and healer.

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