Matthijs is a filmmaker based in Amsterdam. Mid 2016 he accidentally stepped into the world of biohacking. He shot a documentary about living on complete food for an entire year, to see how it would affect his life. After a successful crowdfunding campaign at the end of 2018, he is currently completing the final stages of post-production. ‘12 Liquid Months’ will premiere this summer.

As a Capricorn-born, Matthijs has an earthy and practical mentality, with which he stirs his Sagittarian interests (rising sign & 4 planets). Sagittarius is an archetype of an energetic traveler. Inspiring infinite curiosities, which lead Mathijs on endless voyages in the pursuit of curious experimentation and humanitarian causes. These experiments take place in the domain of his vastly populated Sagittarius ruled first house of the natal chart - the house of Self. 


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