Joshua Thies is a self-employed artist and a podcast host at RAAR (Rotterdam Art And Radio).

His studio practice involves researching various influences around sound art and audible media. Beyond the podcast, he isinterested in how sound or voice can influence choice, tell histories, give shape to abstract concepts, be taken to the extreme, promote healing and affect bodily experiences.

Podcast RAAR (Rotterdam Art And Radio) is now in its third year of broadcasting. It has become a bi-monthly podcast live-streaming podcast with guest artists showcasing their talents for listeners and the public. 

Joshua has partnered with over 30 institutions and more than 100 guest artists to produce this program. Essentially, RAAR aims to promote live performance of audible artworks via audio streaming from various sites throughout the city of Rotterdam and beyond. RAAR specializes in curated podcasts, live streaming of art related lectures, performances and events plus audio documentation of art related happenings.

Joshua is a Sagittarius-born. With three natal planets in Sagittarius (Sun, Neptune, Mercury at 7, 15, 28 degrees Sagittarius), he has an independent predisposition with an artistic focus, due to his natal Neptune in conjunction to his Sun. With several water placements in his chart, his inner nature is humanitarian and empathic, with a strong sensibility for the intangible. His North node (or, soul destiny) is in the sign of Libra (at 13 degrees), which is the sign of the archetypal catalyst of harmonic social situations and collaborations.

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