Francesca Gobeille is a second-generation yoga teacher, and has been immersed in Eastern philosophy and spiritual practice since birth. She specializes in teaching mindfulness-based yoga and meditation, influenced by her study of the Alexander Technique and Qigong. She will graduate from a 3-year teacher training in the Alexander Technique in December 2019. Francesca has taught in New York City, San Francisco, and Amsterdam.

In a former life, she worked in online publishing at Google.

Francesca is a Leo-born with a personal stellium around the MC in Leo (at 14 degrees). Strongly creative and inspiring, with a great amount of warm life energy. She is a Scorpio rising, with a prominent Pluto position, making her deeply acquainted with transforming life-changing situations, and steering her to seek the most hidden depths of the human psyche. Jupiter in the 6th house (house of work, health and service) will offer her expansion and growth in the area of wellbeing and the health sector, where she can successfully offer her knowledge in the higher service to others.

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