Emilia Tapprest (NVISIBLE.STUDIO) is a Finnish designer-filmmaker who investigates social and psychological implications of emerging technologies in her work. Through the process of worldbuilding in collaboration with experts from various fields, her films tackle themes like human connectedness, surveillance and agency in the accelerating development of pervasive computing. Having worked previously in the context of scientific institutions and the corporate world, she aims to build her artistic practice at the nexus of hands-on field research in the technological industry, while making independent films aimed at reaching diverse audiences.

Emilia is born in the Chinese year of the Monkey (equivalent to the Western astrological sign of Leo). Her three natal planets and her rising sign are all in Leo (all between 16-18 degrees Leo). With such a strong and vital personality and vivid individualism, she combines originality with the mythic world of imagination. Her sense of life’s meaningfulness and work purpose is tied to the collective (Mars in the airy 11th house - focusing her vital Marsian energy into the realm of of Social circles - at 1 degree Gemini).


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