It is always nighttime in the Metaverse

Sylvia (✝ 2020)
Ziv Schneider

How does making avatars affect your sense of identity?

“I’ve been coming to this space and this world of mine, and I’ve felt a lot of pressure to be able to be myself, to be myself, and to be vulnerable. I’ve been a lot more accepting of who I am and what I have. I’ve been having these kind of moments of vulnerability in this world, and I thought it was the right time to show myself in a new way. I’ve always had a big, vulnerable side. I’ve been able to show it while being a self-involved, self-centered person. I’ve been able to show it while being so comfortable in who I am. I’ve been doing this for a while, and I’m finally seeing the signs. I’m feeling a lot of self-acceptance, and I’m feeling a lot of self-love. I’m just so grateful for all the things that are giving me this confidence. I’m so grateful for the people in this world that are giving me this confidence and helping me to be authentic.” (response generated by Sylvia)

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Created by: Ziv Schneider, Styling and Art Direction: Odie Senesh, Character Artist: Halime Maloof, Celebration Director: Bethany Tabor, Natural Language Processing: Alex Calderwood, Digital Installation Design & Development: Tong Wu, Music: Philippe Lambert, Aging Researcher: Alexa Fleet