It is always nighttime in the Metaverse

In my reality  (2020)
Ítar Pas

How does making avatars affect your sense of identity?

“New technologies are changing the way we relate with the environment, with other people and with ourselves. Similar to how on social media we show what we want other people to see of our lives, digital avatars allow us to show ourselves as we want to be, and to wear what we want to wear. I created Ítar Pas as a way to express parts of myself that I could not express in my ’real’ life. But if one interacts more through social media than in person, there is always the question: which one is real life and which is not.”

About the work:
Ítar Pas is a virtual character who lives in a mutable reality that adapts to his/her needs and the tastes of each moment. Ítar has the possibility to be whoever he/she wants to be there. At times he/she is intrigued by humans and their customs, but he/she doesn't understand them, he/she is afraid of them and their reality.

Alejandro Spano

Sound Design:
Matías Jodar