It is always nighttime in the Metaverse

I don’t know her (2021)
Stacie Ant

How does making avatars affect your sense of identity?

“An avatar is not simply a 3D figure of someone, it is a digital representation of a person's essence. When I create an avatar of a real person, I include my personal interpretations of that person. How they see themselves, what features (both physical and behavioral) stand out in this particular person, and what makes them who they are in the eyes of others. The video (I don’t know her) features several representations of myself - all avatars are of me. They help me explore different sides of my personality, embodied in a custom digital shell that I can control. The video itself is a therapeutic exploration of my personal past traumas and falling out with close friends. Having an ability to recreate sides of me helps me to feel empowered and in control over my own essence and how it is projected to the world online.”