Svetlana Prigoditch was born and raised in Belarus. In 2005 she graduated in Media Art from ArtEZ in Enschede, exploring new media, performance, sculpture and drawing.

In 2016, she discovered her new passion at the Sint Lucas Art Academy in Antwerp: contemporary jewellery. Svetlana’s work is inspired by cinematography, literature, found objects, fragrance and natural patterns.

In the last two years, her jewellery objects have been presented at several international exhibitions in Germany, The Netherlands, Portugal, the United States and Greece.

Svetlana is most strongly defined by her Sun and Mercury in Aquarius. Their radicality and unconventionality mark her artistic expression, which spans across delightfully surprising combinations of artistic mediums. With her Cancer rising and Pisces MC, the personal axis in water signs means her life will in some way have a sense of caring for others, and spark the need for achievement of higher psychic or spiritual abilities. Her vital expression of self is most naturally drawn to aesthetics, beauty, and luxury.

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