Sharing Circle

A Sharing Circle provides a unique group discussion process in which guests share their experiences and insights in response to topics assigned by moderators. A Sharing Circle is loosely structured while assuring cooperation and effective communication. It originated in both traditional aboriginal and native american cultures and is also referred to as a talking or healing circle.

Symbolically speaking, a circle aligns motions and keeps the energy flowing, while representing wholeness, completion, communication and cycles of life. Traditionally, Sharing Circles brought together people who are committed to helping one another with healing. The circle would be initiated by a chief of the tribe with participants responding to his words. Smudging would often be used to begin the ceremony. As a basic rule, speakers are not interrupted while sharing their knowledge and perceptions. Instead, a talking stick is passed around, giving the keeper of the stick  permission to talk uninterruptedly.

Specter chose this unconventional format for her dialogues to provide a dynamic, open and body-friendly experience, while bridging knowledge from different disciplines. The Circle allows us to break away from a strictly intellectual exchange, and to create a positive environment in which people can share their experiences freely. Guest speakers are invited to introduce themselves briefly to the circle, and to add to the conversation with any personal or professional experience.

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