Peter Horneland is an Artist & Vitki from Oslo, Norway.

Also, an agnostic mystic, hermetic kopimist, transcendental apophaticist, spin doctor, Ba'al Sham, Kallisti Ekadanta, open sourcerer, root accessory, Exec.Sh.Mgt, guerilla ontologist, pope, and a registered member of no less than 33 granfalloons.

Peter operates in the intersection of art, technology and occulture. He is interested in maps, ritual, atemporality, Kairos over Kronos, post-narrative culture, runes, fractals, recursiveness, public consciousness, cryptology, initiation, exorcism, machine learning and the sacred, the liminal, and the negated. orks mainly through installation, performance, social practice, and digital art.

He is currently studying for an MFA at Piet Zwart Institute, previously completed a BA Fine Arts at the Oslo National Academy of Fine Arts. He was awarded a residency at FKDS Ateliers at Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo, Norway, and the From Dusk till Dawn PNEK Art Prize︎ in 2017.

Recent performances, group shows and screenings in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, London, and Oslo, last solo show at Kunstnernes Hus in Oslo, Norway (Mammalian Dive Reflex).

Peter is a Leo-born in the Chinese year of the Ox. With his personal planets in Leo, and Venus in the 3rd house (house ruled by Mercury), this makes his inner self drawn to arts, theater, writing and intellectual exchange. Due to Taurus rising and Capricorn MC, this personal axis in the natal chart will frame his artistic nature within the practical realms of building, making, and hands-on exploration of mediums. This is never without an acute sensitivity for the arcane realms, due to his moon in Pisces and other prominent Neptune aspects, which make him seek the hidden aspects of the world.

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