Since 2016 Griepink has been rooting their ephemeral and shamanic performance-based practice back into the earth by involving (social) permaculture and community practices into their work. Resulting in durational land-art pieces, such as Grove 2.0 – Chapel of Wild Wisdom; a futuristic druidic greenhouse in a public woodland area. Upon ending various pilgrimages in the tropics Griepink returned to European soils seeking to reanimate and explore local ‘indigenous’ knowledge for the sake of getting at the roots of colonialism and global capitalism. With their recent anti-capitalist and pro-pagan spoken-word piece, Ultra Ecosexual Polyamory. Permaculture ASAP, Griepink looks to revive the oral tradition of the Druidic Bards (or Greek Rhapsodes) in a contemporary way, forwarding eco-sexuality as nature’s unorthodox spirituality. Embedded in this ‘Renaissance of Matriarchy’ is social justice, ending racial and gender bias, empowering creative expression, embodying ecstasy and restoring the ecological homeostasis on the planet we cohabitate.

** Jasper Griepink obtained an MFA from the Piet Zwart Institute (2013), is a certified Permaculture Designer (2016) and furthermore holds certificates in Reiki, Community Design and other Holistic Therapies.

Jasper is Taurus-born on a life path number 1. With their Mars closely conjuncting Aquarius MC (at 22 and 25 degrees), their work is that of an independent writer (Gemini rising) and artist / healer (North node in Pisces at 21 degrees). These formats of expression allow them to channel the earthy energy of his Sun, Moon and Jupiter conjunct at 24 and 15 degrees Taurus - the sign which is the archetype of deep attunement with nature, enlivening and nourishing humanity.

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