Besides her study ‘fine arts’, at Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, Irma van Doornmalen aims to create interdisciplinary projects. Within collaborations between dancers, theatre makers, and composers she literally brings her visual artwork alive and invites the spectator to slowly enter her surrealistic landscape.

Her critical eye observes and objectifies the presence and absence of the human body, her own body, into the world it lives in. Fascinated by the construction of this system that we call a ‘body’ constructed out of organs such as the brain, that with its own identity and endless fantasy goes beyond the borders of our vulnerable cover of flesh and blood. By making this strong distinction between body and mind, van Doornmalen questions the body of the inner self. Within her artworks she likes to create human size installations where she uses light, water, and mirroring materials to touch upon this thin line between imagination and reality.

Under the title 'Alienation of the human body' she gives, literally, her fascination a new shape within the world around her. When she is not busy working on this ongoing project, she likes to form herself within a diversity of collaborations.

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