Inès Leverrier Péborde is a French-Haïtian designer based in Rotterdam whose work focuses on embodied experiences and radical self-care practices. She investigates what it means to ‘take care of the Self’ and imagines various artefacts, spaces and rituals for curing, reshaping, transcending the physical and emotional bodies. Using performative objects and spatial interventions, she challenges the societal values, myths and techno-scientific paradigms underlying our common understanding of health, beauty, hygiene and well-being.

Ines is born in the Chinese year of the Horse (in Western astrology it’s equivalent to the sign of Gemini). Her Gemini mind swiftly directs the more empathic concerns of her Jupiter and Chiron conjunct in Cancer (at 12 and 14 degrees). This close interplanetary aspect focuses her energy towards Cancerian domains of protecting, healing, nurturing and caring for those less fortunate, which she expresses through her writing, thinking (Gemini) and practical (Capricorn) faculties.

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