The Specter Glossary is an open-source publication built during and after the event on Summer Solstice 2019.

The glossary aims to map the shared terminology between epistemological fields of technological world-building and ancient self-mastery techniques. Terminology like:

Acceleration, Agency, Attention, Collective Mind, Compassion, Connection, Decentralisation, Duality, Empowerment, Expansion, Identity, Infinity, Intelligence, Non-duality / Oneness, Reality, Superhuman, Transcendence, Transformation, Transparency, Unity.

The world of technological innovation often seems to share terminology with ancient spiritual traditions, while referring to phenomena which are unique to our current place in human evolution.

At the same time, new terms are coined which imply cultural and evolutionary directions which carry meaning way beyond the product or service they describe.

How much overlap is there between these inner technologies of self-mastery and outer technologies of human enhancement?

By mapping this territory through its terminology, we aim to gain deeper insight into motivations driving humanity, the underlying reality driving technological innovation, and encourage historic sensibility for these phenomena entering mainstream technological and global discourse.

The glossary of shared terminology will be accompanied by a new visual language.

Each term in the Specter Glossary is assigned a visual sigil; a circular sign which carries a maze. The sigils remind us of the labyrinthian quality of the terms we attempt to unravel. 

We will record the conversation and individual interpretations of these terms, and transcribe and edit this into the open-source glossary, to be further developed after the event.

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