About Specter

Specter is a young, curatorial initiative creating interdisciplinary events, publications and interventions.

In various constellations we investigate digital culture, spiritual practices, scientific theory and design ideas to relish humanness, sentience and sensuality in our human-tech playgrounds.

Specter creates a post-disciplinary community through recurring events, as well as publications, exhibitions and an open-source knowledge base.

Specter was initiated by Agnes Momirski and Georgia Kareola - two Mercurial minds - a Gemini with a Cancer heart, and a Cancer with Gemini mind. They share empathic souls (Pisces moons) and quick minds (Gemini rising at 11 and 5 degrees). Their natal Mercury (at 25 and 23 degrees Gemini) naturally conspires with their future-minded Aquarius MC (at 12 and 1 degree). These two wordsmiths enjoy drinking espresso in their Wang wear, and exploring altered states of mind, futuristic visions and personal alchemies.

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